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NCCA Recognized Ministerial Credentialing  Fellowships

The N.C.C.A. believes that the best option for ministerial credentialing for each candidate is the local church where

they attend, support and have completed the necessary requirements for ministerial credentials to have been bestowed upon them. The majority of N.C.C.A. members are credentialed ministers through their local church and this assists

them as pastoral counselors in many ways.

However, there are instances when the local church is not a viable option and the N.C.C.A. member may not be able to attain their ministerial credentials with them. In such cases, the N.C.C.A. member is required to seek alternatives in

order to obtain proper ministerial credentials. Those ministerial credentials must not only meet the requirements of

the N.C.C.A., but also any requirements of the state in which the N.C.C.A. member operates that will provide

recognition and acknowledgement as a clergy member.

For this purpose the N.C.C.A. has listed selective ministerial fellowships that may assist you in obtaining acceptable ministerial credentials. Below is the contact information for these organizations. If you do not have ministerial credentials and your local church is not an option, we encourage you to consider these organizations when you

research the ministerial fellowship you would like to serve under.

Paragon Christian Alliance International 2149 HWY 139

Monroe, LA 71203


website email

International Fellowship Ministries 22722 29th DR SE#100

Bothell, WA 98021


website email

Experience Ministries

PO Box 787

Cookeville, TN 38503


website email

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