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Mediation Needed?

Marriage often begins as ‘love at first sight’ and ‘a match made in heaven.’ Then, in time, something goes awry. It may be the stress of financial pressure, children, in-law conflicts; whatever brings stress to the relationship can cause couples to drift apart. The activating events are diverse; the list is long. Many couples have been going ‘round the same issue for decades! They just haven’t learned how to solve the issue.

What a couple may need is a neutral third party; a “marriage mediator” is a term used to describe such a person. The mediator is not operating as a counselor but rather has the expertise to pinpoint the areas where the couple may have unresolved conflicts, are experiencing frustration and isolation rather than togetherness and now find themselves seemingly unable to work out their differences. Divorce may be a term they thought they would never speak of however now, is now a topic of conversation.

Our marriage mediator intensives are designed to provide that space for couples to formulate a working plan that can transform and restore the relationship they once had. It is built on the premise that in order to experience success in marriage and avoid the pain and expense of divorce they need to get back to the beginning of why they fell in love, chose to marry and then pinpoint the areas of divide now plaguing their union. As we conduct these sessions we impart love, hope and healing helping to identify where they are today, where they would like to go in the relationship and the means to walk it out.

Our platform brings couples back to the beginning to recognize where connectedness is lost, where they have gotten out of alignment and then provide the tools for transformation. Our hands-on activities throughout the session focus on the uniqueness of the relationship and provide the specific plan of action to improve connectedness, intimacy, conflict resolution and negotiation skill building techniques to secure a favorable outcome for both parties.

These one or two day sessions (eight hours each) have the ability to change the trajectory of your future, that of your children and even into the future generations.

It is powerful and effective!

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