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The complicated, never ending trigonometry problem was strewn across the blackboard. Jeff couldn’t figure it out. It had so many variables and what seemed like complicated steps. The more the teacher explained, the more he became frustrated and hopeless. "I give up" he thought, "I will never figure this problem out!" Then, as the teacher gazed across the room at the confused faces of many of her students, she drew her eraser over the entire problem and began again. She broke the trig problem down step-by-step. She encouraged the students to ask questions. She pinpointed the areas of confusion and helped them make sense of the problem to find a solution. This time around Jeff got it!

Sometimes, that is what happens when one enters the counseling process. The expectation is immediate results. When it doesn’t happen that quickly, a conclusion may be drawn erroneously: "this counseling experience was just another failed attempt at a better existence and that no ground was gained." However healing is often achieved in layers; like peeling an onion. It takes time, perseverance and the desire to press into the process. We spent a lifetime running from our issues, burying them down as deep inside and hoping they will just disappate. Not realistic. True healing comes as one enters the counseling process ane begins to deal with the presenting issue and the negative consequences it has produced and then hopefully experiencing an "aha" moment. As we press in we can begin to unravel and grapple with the dysfunctions, step-by-step and emerge into a higher ground of self-awareness, walking onto a new path of dealing with relationships and life issues and experiencing freedom. We feel, we deal and we heal.

That is our hope for you here at www.Relational

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