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Counseling marriage and individuals


Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions

The time element involved is approximately 40-50 clock hours per course. This depends on the candidate’s own personal academic skills.

All N.C.C.A. courses are provided in written format and are provided as independent home study (distance education).

Final examinations are closed book and require a proctor to ensure the integrity of the training.

Basic Christian Counseling

Author: R. G. Arno, Ph.D.

This course is formatted as an online video or DVD consisting of four hours of instruction. The instructor will provide the student with an overview of the “Big Eight” (types of secular counseling/therapeutic methods). In addition, the student will be taught the difference between Christian and secular counseling, goals, techniques, and several other important topics, such as the dangers and pitfalls of counseling.

Course Requirements:

1. Approximately 10 clock hours

2. Pass a proctored final exam

  (Part one of five)

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