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Program 4   Combined License & Doctorate

(Part three of four)


• a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor certificate and card

• Certified Temperament Pastoral Counselor (Optional)

(additional $39 fee applies)

Annual membership and certification/license renewal is required. Membership is currently $50 per

year and license renewal is $20 per year (total $70). A signed affidavit verifying continuing education must be submitted annually for license renewal.

The tuition for each Phase I and Phase II course is currently $292. There is a $5 processing fee per

course plus actual shipping cost added to each order. Candidates are expected to pay for each course when it is shipped.

Visa, Amex, MasterCard and Discover card accepted.

Clinical Supervisors are to be paid $50 per hour and every candidate must complete six (6) hours of supervision.

*All candidates are required to have current ministerial credentials in order to be credentialed as a pastoral counselor

by the National Christian Counselors Association. If you do not already have valid ministerial credentials, we

recommend you speak with your local pastor or church leadership about attaining these credentials through your local church or denomination. For further information please follow this link.

Complete Phase III


Each candidate must select and complete eight (8) advanced courses.

Additional Requirements

Each candidate must:

• Upon completion of the required courses, submit the following:

a. One copy of a written dissertation. This consists of 35 (25 generated for license practicum plus 10 additional) individual reports (case studies) developed from the candidate’s work with 35 individuals using the A.P.S. reports. A format is provided in the course titled “Temperament Case Studies.” The dissertation has a 140 page minimum.

b. A letter authorizing N.C.C.A. to transfer the academic records to the approved college

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