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Program 5  License & 2nd Doctorate

(Part three of three)

Clinical Supervisors are to be paid $50 per hour and every candidate must complete six (6) hours of supervision.

*All candidates are required to have current ministerial credentials in order to be credentialed as a pastoral counselor

by the National Christian Counselors Association. If you do not already have valid ministerial credentials, we

recommend you speak with your local pastor or church leadership about attaining these credentials through your local church or denomination. For more information  please follow the link.

Complete Phase III


Each candidate must select and complete four (4) advanced courses. No dissertation is required for candidates who already hold an earned doctorate.

Additional Requirements

Each candidate must:

• Upon completion of the required courses, submit the following:

a. A letter authorizing N.C.C.A. to transfer the academic records to the approved college.

b. Matriculation and transfer fees of $1500 payable to: N.C.C.A. (A surcharge for payment by credit card may apply.)

The tuition for each advanced course is currently $193. There is a $5 pro- cessing fee per course plus actual shipping cost added to each order. Candi- dates are expected to pay for each course when it is shipped. Visa, Amex, MasterCard and Discover card accepted.

After successfully completing all of the requirements for Phase III, the candi- date will (assuming everything is in order) receive:

• the Appropriate Advanced Certification certificate for selected specialty areas completed and

• a Doctoral degree in Clinical Christian Counseling

note-Additional documentation may be required depending on school selected.

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