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Accelerated Resolution Therapy 

Accelerated resolution therapy (ART) is an approach  that can produce dramatic improvements in a variety of emotional and mental distresses in just a few sessions. The treatment is comprised of a directive protocol in which the provider guides the client through the therapeutic process while having him/her perform back-and-forth eye movements, augmenting healing with guidance from the therapist.

This revolutionary, innovative treatment addresses common problems such as depression, anxiety, worry, phobias, addictions, abuse, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), relationship difficulties, any bothersome memories, OCD, grief, and learning/thinking issues..

An encouraging part of A.R.T. is that it can often be done in a one hour session and up to five sessions, depending on the severity of the issue and the number of themes they may come in with as a result of past traumas. Furthermore sharing details of the trauma is optional and positive closure is always the goal in each session. The client maintains control while the facilitator skillfully guides the process.

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A peer review research study* concluded that A.R.T. appears to be an effective, efficient and versatile form of treatment, for emotional and mental problems. The findings from the meta-analytical study concluded: 


  1. Symptoms relief in a significantly shorter number of sessions.

  2. Cost effective.

  3. Homework not required so a higher compliance.

  4. Reliving the intensity of the trauma account is significantly lower.

  5. It is a  preferred method by a majority of therapists trained in other trauma treatments because of positive outcomes experienced by the clients.

ART is Is a recognized, peer reviewed, evidence-based treatment.


 Recent client’s successful outcomes: 


  1. A father of two with such angst about guiding them that he couldn't sleep at night, was quite sharp with them; hurting them with his words. His heart’s desire was to grow them strong and healthy, but he couldn't stop the harmful and disturbing anxiety. We worked for three sessions, and he greatly increased his deep sleep, became much less reactive, and began to have a positive outlook for their future.

  2. A marine with war PTSD told me 1 hour of A.R.T. With me = 30 talk sessions and had a significant release of one particular scene that haunted him for 20 + years.

  3. A woman with complicated grief after the death of her mom. She could barely get out of bed. One A.R.T. Session relieved her of the false grief she carried and was able to find a positive perspective regarding her mom’s relief of pain and realized her mom would  want her to live a more positive, vibrant life without her.


Overcoming distressing trauma symptoms, including distressing images and body sensations, requires motivation. Be prepared and willing to follow the process, and you will be on your way to finding more peace and freedom from the past.

*Waits, W., Marumoto, M. & Weaver, J. Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART): a Review and Research to Date. Curr Psychiatry Rep 19, 18 (2017). 

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