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What Is Marriage Mediation?

"Marriage Mediation is an innovative approach aimed at saving marriages. It offers a hands-on experience tailored to assist you and your spouse in restoring your relationship, while providing you with new tools to navigate your marriage effectively, ultimately achieving the desired goal of transformation. Developed by the XO Mediator Institute and sponsored by XO Marriage, one of the world's largest marriage ministries led by Pastor Jimmy Evans, this program is designed to provide comprehensive support for couples.”

Generational Hope

No couple enters a marriage with the premise that  they will be heading for the divorce courts in the future. Yet that is occurring in record numbers.  With the rising cost (emotional and monetary) of divorce, the possible years of litigation and the aftermath of family despair XO Marriage Mediation approach is worth a try. It could very well be the answer to the issues you are now facing and provide a win-win solution for all parties involved.

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Happy Boy

We Have Lived Through It. There is Hope!

We are excited to be part of the founding group of this new approach to saving marriages. EVERY marriage could benefit from the tools, techniques, resources, and experience offered through marriage mediation sessions.

We offer one or two full-day intensives in our office or online and coaching calls to follow up, as needed, to get your marriage on track and stay the course. 

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