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Get to Know Yourself Better! 

We are each uniquely born with tendency traits that guide our responses to life situations. The Arno Profile System (APS) tests our temperament, revealing our inborn strengths and weaknesses and a greater understanding of “why” you do what you do. This test is a snapshot providing clues to those areas of your life that may need growth. Finding those areas and then finding ways to satisfy your needs in healthy ways is the goal. Taking Arno Profile Score (APS) - Temperament Test is the ideal first step in developing relational skills. This test is designed to accurately pinpoint where to concentrate your efforts to improve your relational skills. It is also ideal for finding the career path that suits you best, for pre-marital compatibility, and as a counsel tool yielding greater success. It takes 8-10 minutes to complete. Once you read the question carefully, answer honestly on how you really are/feel, not how you think you should be/feel.

The building blocks of human development are outlined below to highlight the significance of this test:

Thinking Man


Temperament is the inborn foundational building block guiding our thoughts, motives and responses. Both character and personality rest on your temperament adding additional layers to our uniqueness.

Image by Alfonso Scarpa


The second block for understanding behavior is our character. Our temperament can be affected by our environment.  Everything we see, hear, smell, feel, and learn can alter our temperament, thereby forming our character. 

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This final building block is your self-selected “personality” (hand picked from both your temperament traits and your environmental influences). The test is designed to assess the “real you¨ at a deeper level where your  inborn tendencies may be hiding behind a mask. 

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