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Building Better Outcomes

It's a powerful phenomenon when a person recognizes the need to change a circumstance that isn't serving them positively and then rises to affect change. It is a strength of the human condition. Go to the gym and work out: muscles grow stronger, your metabolism fires up, and you become healthier. Cut out some useless calories: weight is shed. Give attention to your studies: grades improve, and you are one step closer to your future successes.

Change for the better is possible. It begins i our thought life. See the glass half full: experience a more positive outlook; see the glass half empty: experience a more negative perception of your situation. When a problem arises that is difficult and stressful, you have a choice to either fret and stress or have a peaceful experience, even in the trouble you are facing. It all depends on your thoughts. Thoughts are your choice and can change the course of your life, for good or not so good, affecting all of you, including your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 

Let me explain the science behind this phenomenon:

DNA is a coding material that tells your body how to build proteins, like a blueprint used to create a house. DNA gets its information from the environment. So if you're stressed, holding onto bitterness and forgiveness or anger, those signals build toxic material which becomes expressed in your mind and body. Your negative thoughts and the following stress cause DNA strands to contract and become shorter, which causes the expression of your genes in your body to be less than optimal, opening the door to diseases, including cancer, heart disease, and circulatory issues. The result is often mental distress and even physical illness. This is a hot topic, as stress is at an all-time high, and is reflected in medical journals as research continues to probe this subject.

Our emotional brain (limbic system) functions differently than our rational brain. In our frontal brain, we can stand outside ourselves, observe our thoughts, and change them. It gives us the advantage of seeing our situations from different angles rationally. Our emotions react to situations without "thinking" it through. Grant it; we humans have a complexity of thoughts and perspectives with past hurts, inborn temperament propensities, and generational input, all affecting our lives and the outcome of our thoughts. 

Our remedy to change is to locate those thoughts that do not serve us well and seek the truth of our beliefs. The cool part is once we change our thoughts and continue to think a new way, our neurons are activated to change. This ability to change our neurons is called neuroplasticity. 

As the Bible says, "For as he (man) thinks within himself, so he is." (TPT)

Just as growing stronger muscles take time, effort, and intentionality, so it is with any positive changes to your thought life, but it's worth it. You will experience more joy, peace, and the ability to share in problem/conflict resolution. Getting toxicity out of your thought life will clear the way for more positive experiences and growth.

Content: Dr. Anita J Arrunategui, Ph.D/ Images by Canva Pro/ Caroline Leaf, "Switch on your Brain."

Relational Skills is a non-for-profit entity specializing in Christian counseling/Marriage counseling, and posttraumatic stress disorder.

The content published is for informational purposes. The content included in this blog is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment. 

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