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“Go Get Some Counseling”

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

To some, that statement may feel like a cup of cold water on a sweltering hot summer day. REFRESHING! You have had signs and symptoms of anxiety, feeling down, and hopeless even. Maybe you can’t sleep, and it has been taking a toll on you. You snap at your loved ones and find it difficult even to think. On the other hand, other folks who may have heard the same advice to seek counsel may cringe inside. They question their own stability; sanity and may feel shame that their struggles have been exposed to another. They may become angry and isolate themselves, not wanting anyone else to get a glimpse of their imperfections.

I have some good news:

The stigma associated with seeking out counseling is just that; a stigma and isn’t true. Seeking counsel is having the wisdom to know that you need some guidance. It is an extremely important component to obtaining health and freedom to walk out your life in wholeness and victory. Counsel is all about truth and applying it to your life. Let’s face it. Many of us have undergone very trying childhoods with dysfunctions that a child should never have to experience. I have written a plethora of articles pointing to these various issues. There are more dysfunctions to be uncovered, and I hope to share them on this platform In the future. But for now, just let it sink in that counsel can be a necessary component for many and not just reserved for the ones labeled as messed up or incompetent or even as “insane”.

Equate for a moment a fundamental comparison between seeking counsel for personal emotional or relationship issues and seeking counsel from a lawyer. It’s the same if you really think about it. A lawyer understands the laws in place in your state or country and will teach you the law and guide you on how to follow the law to avoid consequences and retain your freedoms and move forward. A counselor understands the laws in place for relationships and emotions and uses that wisdom and knowledge to guide a person Towards emotional health and growth. Furthermore, a temperament counselor, who has studied the inborn tendencies of an individual, which is the blueprint of one’s propensities, has a further understanding of your personal temperament and shows you how to best operate in that to avoid consequences, gain freedom and move forward. You are given that counsel while connecting the dots of where you are currently stuck in life and navigating you into a better place.

Our job description includes counseling, teaching, bringing the truth, guiding, empowering, encouraging, increasing your hunger for healthy life choices, and highlighting a healthier path to walk on.

Let us assist you today.

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