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Trust-Building Basics

"Too good to be true.”

That is a statement worthy of a second glance. Not because you have finally found the greatest person, opportunity, product etc. Chances are, you haven’t. This statement requires a second glance because this is the stuff of broken dreams. No, I am not a pessimist nor am I a dream-killer by trade. It is because I desire that you do not fall into a trap that could change your life or your path for the worse. It is all about trust. It doesnt just happen but needs to be built.

John was brought up in a very loving home with good-natured parents. He believed that others were concerned about his good and never questioned the motives or character of those around him. When he was a young adult, he was offered the chance to get in on a ground level deal of a new cleaning product. It boasted that no scrubbing was ever needed! All he needed was to invest $5000 into the new startup company and he was promised passive income for life. Too good to be true. When the company went belly up just two months later, he was disappointed. Then the same people had another ‘too good to be true” offer and he fell for it again! He had never learned to inspect the motives of those who present offers like the ones above. Yes, many have been too good to ever be trusted. Yet, time after time he jumped two feet into a situation that left him hurt, betrayed, broke and confused.

What John needs is a detective radar within to test and see if the opportunity or person is the real deal. There is a process to detect whether or not the person is trustable. One such litmus paper test is a track record. This is not only true in business but especially in relationships. It is very common and easy when your heart has taken a leap of faith way ahead of your rational brain and made a decision that may alter your life for decades to come. 

 For John, he would need to investigate the motives, the expertise they have in producing effective cleaning products, and their character. He needed to surround himself with people you trust who have your back and can navigate you through a decision-making process to avoid pitfalls and grenades. Having a counselor, life coach, pastor or mature family member speak into your life is key. Learning to guard yourself, put up boundaries as needed and being willing to ask questions and pray before leaping blindly into situations will afford you better outcomes and greater peace.  

We are built for relationships and we are made to succeed and grow in business. That’s what humans do! We don’t need to avoid these pursuits in fear of being bamboozled but need to be equipped with knowledge, wisdom and insight.

Content: Dr. Anita J Arrunategui, PhD/ Images: Canva Pro/ "Trust" Dr. Henry Cloud

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