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Words: Killing Me Softly

“Hi Sam, how was your day,”  asked Jenny after returning home from a hard day of work. She was eager to see Sam and connect. Her coworkers were extra difficult today…and exhausting. She just needed some love and understanding.

However, Sam was stressed too. He sarcastically replies,  “Probably not as good as yours!” He then adds with a tone of disdain, “By the way Jenny, have you seen the charge card bill? Higher than I was expecting this month,” he grumbled. Her frozen stare could be felt clear across the room. This is not how she envisioned her evening to be… with a wall of anger between them. 

Sam realized his sharp and condemning words. He realized he was acting and sounding just like his deceased dad. He remembered clearly what it was like to be on that losing end of the relationship and so…He sincerely asks Jenny to forgive him for his negativity and critical spirit. He reassured her that he loved her very much and wanted to connect positively and enjoy togetherness after work each day. Jenny gladly forgave him. 

This scenario is not uncommon with couples as many are unaware of the power found in words. One simple way to remedy the issue is just as Jim had done, by Identifying, confessing, rejecting and replacing your negative  responses to positive ones. This has the power to clear up the toxic and destructive environment once created by careless negative words spoken out in anger.

 One such proverb expresses this truth so well: “Death and life are in the power of the tongue.” We have the power to bring goodness and life to our spouse or destruction with our words. Which would you like to experience?

You hold the power…

JM & Anita Arrunategui/Robert S McGee“The Search For Significance”

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