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Program 5  License & 2nd Doctorate

(Part one of three)

Procedures and Requirements

Individuals who already hold an earned Doctorate degree in counseling or a related/accepted

field may elect to complete the requirements for license and qualify for a second Doctorate in

Clinical Christian Counseling.

Complete Phase I


Each candidate must complete the following 5 courses:

Basic Christian Counseling

Temperament Theory


Temperament Therapy

Christian Counseling: Integrating Temperament and Psychology

Additional Requirement

Each candidate must:

• Complete a practicum. This consist of administering the A.P.S. to

10 individuals and (3) hours of clinical supervision under the direction of an assigned and approved clinical supervisor.

• Upon completion of the required courses, submit the following:

a. Written responses to 50 ethical questions posed by the N.C.C.A.’s

Licensing Board of Examiners.

b. $50 for first year’s annual dues.

c. A signed Application for Certification/Membership form and a signed copy of

N.C.C.A.’s Code of Ethical Standards.

Upon completion of Phase I requirements, subsequent review and accep- tance, the candidate

will qualify to receive:

• a Certified Temperament Counselor certificate and

• a Clinical Member (non-clergy) or Professional Clinical Member (clergy)

certificate, membership card and lapel pin.

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