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Counseling marriage and individuals

Tuitions and Fees

(Part two of two)


After completion of Phase II, a $100 licensing fee is required with a signed copy of Application for N.C.C.A. License (completed at end of Phase II) along with The Notification and Release Form for Personal National Screening.

Course Exemption

Upon written request, exemption from one or more of the standard cours- es may be awarded. Consideration is based on the individual’s academic history as evidenced by documentation (resume and transcripts) submitted N.C.C.A.’s Evaluation Committee PRIOR to enrollment.

Course Returns

May be applicable with pre-approved consent. Refunds may be awarded upon authorization, but only if course materials are received in a re-saleable condition within thirty (30) days of delivery. Online Courses are not refund- able after being accessed.

Foreign Candidates

Are required to submit all payments with a valid credit card. No foreign checks, money orders or certified checks are accepted.

Criminal Record

All felony convictions prohibit a candidate from N.C.C.A. licensure and may block or terminate membership. Other Non-Felony criminal convictions may also prevent a candidate’s eligibility for N.C.C.A. licensing and/or member- ship.

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